Webanizr Apps

Webanizr Apps combines the convenience of setting up and managing a website with the look and feel of an app. This results in a friendly priced solution, whitout making consessions in functionality.

In the app-store before you know it!

App projects have reputation of being long and costly projects. Webanizr Apps takes a different approach. Start the content, design and lay-out yourself and get us involved where necessary. You'll have your first users before you know it!


In all the parts, whether you set them up yourself or we do it, we looked at user friendliness. It is the basis of our elements and design process.

Manage your app content

Once you have your app in the app store, the first feedback comes in. Then it is nice that you can quickly make adjustments yourself. Webanizr Apps offers you that possibility.

Publish app in stores

Getting an app in the app store can be very difficult. That is why we prepare most of th work and help you where necessary. However, we will let you use your own account so that the app always remains under your control!

Track your app usage

Webanizr Apps offers extensive options for monitoring the use of your app. This way you can see which parts of the app are more and which are used less. This helps you improve your app.

Contact us

An idea for an app? Do you want to know what it would cost to realize your app? Other app related question? Whatever your question is, we are happy to answer it.

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